We have developed a full range of Leadership Development courses and support in support of the SESLIP. 

Training Courses include:

Individual Development include:

Full details are provided on the relevant Leadership Development pages within this section of the Website.   If you would like to know more or to book a place, please contact Di Smith.

Under the Training section, you will also find details of relevant courses offered by  Higher Education Institutions across the South East Region.




Governance & Reports

An independent survey of the impact of the SESLIP Coaching Deveopment courses was conducted in 2016 by David Goosey and is available here.

The conclusions and recommendations are:

7.1 The Coaching to Improve Performance course was professionally delivered leading to a high standard of satisfaction amongst the delegates. After several months those who responded to a survey were still able to remember the salient content of the course, had retained enthusiasm and had put the skills learned to use in practice. A remarkable achievement for a two‐day course!

7.2 Greater organisational support for the use of coaching in practice would certainly help local authorities to more fully reap the benefits that can emerge from coaching. In addition, the course is likely to be more effective as part of an organisation’s strategic intent to improve the quality of leadership more generally.

7.3 Local authorities are recommended to explore how the use of coaching can assist leadership development in their organisations. Institutional support for leadership practice including coaching is likely to benefit local authorities’ strategic intent to
improve performance.


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