These reports contain:

  • EITHER previously audited and published historical data relating to named Children's Services authorities
  • OR unaudited and unpublished quarterly performance data for anonymised Children's Services authorities.

Governance & Reports

 Annual Social Care Benchmarking Reports

 Children's Social Care Workforce Benchmarking

SEND Benchmarking



Current Activity:



Next Meeting

The next meetings in the 2020 programme of the South East Regional Data Network are as follows:

  • Tuesday 17th March
  • Tuesday 7thth July
  • Tuesday September 15th
  • Thursday 10th December

All meetings to be held in the Longley or Bill Buck Room's located on the 1st floor at Crawley Library from 10am to 3pm.

Crawley library is located within a 10 minute walk from Crawley train station.

Please send suggestions for the next meeting's agenda to Joe Cornford-Hutchings or Philip-Edward Warman.

Contact Details

Data Benchmarking: Alastair Lee
01273 481468