Developing Models of Social Work Practice Project (completed)

In 2019 SESLIP initiated a project to share and develop new models of social care practice that “fit the times” which culminated in the summer of 2020 with the publication of a Final Report.

The Directors of Children’s Services recognised that authorities are questioning their models of social care practice. Some are seeking to integrate early help and social care and would value some collective thinking about how these services are delivered in this new context. Some large Local Authorities have been spending significant amounts to deliver major systems changes.

The project aimed to investigate the options for shared learning and other collaborative approaches to support new models of practice. The first stage of this work involved collating information about models of practice that are being used across the region giving us an overview of models that are currently in use and a summary of areas of commonality and challenges with the intention of presenting these at a conference in June 2020. The conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Instead the information gathered has been brought together in the Final Report.

This project was sponsored by Nikki Edwards, DCS Bracknell Forest.

For further information about each of the models described:

Family Safeguarding Model

Signs of Safety,

the Hampshire Approach,

the Team Around the Relationship bespoke model developed by Brighton and Hove and 

Connected Practice developed by East Sussex,

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Key Documents

The final report is here.

A list of all local authority contacts for the Developing Social Work Practice Project can be found here.

The full project brief outlining the scope of the project and what it intended to deliver can be found here.

SESLIP Models of Social Work Practice Reference Group Meeting Notes 19th February 2020 can be found here.

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