Following the March 2015 publication of the Ofsted thematic report, “Early Help: Whose Responsibility”, the SESLIP Steering Group considered the recommendations of the report and identified a number of potential options for further work. 

Following an options appraisal it was agreed that the area of work, which would be most beneficial to the South East local authorities was the development of a joint framework for the evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of early help interventions.

The aim of the project is to establish a framework, which can be used across the region, to measure the impact and effectiveness of early help services. 

The framework should ensure that the focus is less on process compliance and more on the quality of work, effectiveness of services and the impact on children and families.


Evaluation Framework Report published April 2016.

The appendixes include very useful links to threshold and referral documents. Please contact me (details below) if you discover any broken or missing links.

In 2017, the Data Benchmarking Group conducted a review of the data being routinely collected. A summary report is available here.


Governance & Reports

The project was directed by Patrick Leeson and Alison Jeffery.

Project Scope

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