This programme aims to help practice, team and assistant team managers to:

  • Evaluate their leadership style and consider how they want to develop it
  • Understand adaptive leadership
  • Build team morale, motivation and learning
  • Manage difficult people and poor performance
  • Manage priorities and assist staff to do this effectively
  • Build their own resilience and that of their team

Target Audience:

  • Practice or unit managers, team and assistant team managers 


  • Two days,  2.5 weeks apart


  • £2890 for 30 staff.  LAs provide venues and refreshments. Bookings are now being taken from April 2016. Please contact Anna Wright (details below).

Pre Workshop Preparation:

The programme will include 1.5 hours pre-work, which will include an analysis of participants’ own leadership skills. There will be a compulsory assignment to carry out a 1.5 hour activity between the two days, which practices one or more tools with the team, with the aim of feeding back on the learning from this experience on day 2. Each participant manager needs to a book a 1.5 hour session with the staff they manage between these two dates. 





This is very interactive workshop; our practice is to link activities to every key learning area.

 Day One programme objectives:

  • Explain what makes an effective team manager/ATM  in children’s services within the current context.
  • Explain the difference between leadership and management.
  • Identify and evaluate different management styles and assess your own preferred style.
    ‘Small p’ politics - understand adaptive leadership and how it works.
  • Explore what makes teams work well and what can cause teams to fail
  • Understand how teams grow and develop
  • Explore the roles and functions of a team and its members
  • Learn practical techniques for building and sustaining effective team work 

Between Day 1 and 2: 

  • Use one of the tools with your team in a 1.5 hour session

Day Two programme objectives:

  • Review tools used in workshop with team done as homework
  • Use three strategies for managing poor performance effectively
    • Motivational interviewing to develop motivation to change 
    • Managing specific incidents to foster learning
    • Managing conflict effectively through courageous conversations
  • How to get the most out of regular feedback and appraisals
  • Use strategies for managing my time and helping my staff manage time effectively
    Use strategies for managing outwards and upwards
  • Use strategies for building my resilience as a manager
  • Understand strategies for building team resilience.

Course leaders: 

The training is run by Anna Wright who is an experienced trainer and coach. Previous courses on Coaching to Improve Performance and Leading effective change have been very positively evaluated by managers. Anna is a coach, psychologist and a former director of children’s services. The course has been very positively evaluated by those attending who become very committed to using coaching with direct reports, in supervision and with service users.

Comments from delgates:

  • This is a vital course to participants. It is informative and refreshing with facilitators who get the job and its pressures and instill fun and interaction
  • Useful tools, approachable and knowledgeable trainers
  • Well-delivered. Lots of practical work to do
  • Facilitators really good, very interactive , made you think , handouts informative and you keep to reflect plus able to add notes
  • Excellent practical resources to use with teams  and supervisees
  • What was presented all had meaning and purpose – think this should be open to social workers, family support workers not just management
  • Very useful information, tools and exercises which allowed me to critically reflect
  • Activities to allow for differing needs

Contact Details

SE DCS Peer Challenge: Anna Wright
07415 099245
SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall
07880 787007