Aninteractive workshop is designed for directorate management teams in children’s services to help them:

  • consider the factors that will help them embed a coaching culture to improve performance
  • develop a policy on coaching and a description of leadership behaviours that support and undermine coaching and
  • produce an action plan for embedding coaching in the organisation.

Target Audience:

  • Directorate Management Teams, or Social Care management teams for those authorities that have booked an in-house coaching course.


  • Typically 2.5 hours - by agreement with the host


  • Delivered in house


  • Please contact Anna Wright (details below) to discuss costs

Course Outline:

  • Introductions and objectives of the session
  • The performance equation and what is a coaching culture? 
  • The potential of coaching: agreeing a vision for coaching in our service. 
  • Stages in the development of a coaching culture:
  • What does embedded coaching look like
  • Examples of embedded coaching activities
  •  Where are we now?
  • How could we consciously or unconsciously lead a coaching culture
  • How will we embed a coaching culture from here?
  • Action Planning
  • Review and Evaluation


Comments from Delegates:

The workshop has been very positively evaluated, see below for example a comment by a serving Assistant Director:

"Persuading extremely busy and pressured managers in any service to willingly take time out to engage in training is tough where we know there are so many competing demands. 

But attending the first ‘Embedding Coaching to Improve Performance’ session really was not only time incredibly well spent, but senior managers came away totally enthused, as it gave them a clear sense of just how effective the ‘coaching’ model can be in transforming their services, by attending to the cultures and ways of working that we know underpin good quality and sustainable services longer term.

We are now taking this forward to ensure all our managers and supervisors throughout the service are trained in this ‘empowering’ approach!"


Contact Details

SE DCS Peer Challenge: Anna Wright
07415 099245
SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall
07880 787007