This piece of work is designed to raise awareness of what the universities in the South East Region have to offer in the drive towards improving confidence in the quality of social work practitioners and the wider Children's Social Care Workforce.


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A Spreadsheetdetailing Social Work and Wider Social Care Courses in the South East Region provided by Higher Education Institutions (HEI)  has been produced and can be found in Reports section of this page.

The spreadsheet is divided into three sections:

1. All social work courses

Including both Hons. degrees and Masters in social work, also the Complete University Guide rankings for the social work courses.

2. Wider social care courses

The usefulness of this list will vary depending on what you want to achieve. It will help you find universities that could partner you in your drive for improvement. For example, you might want to do some development work on specific areas of work within the wider workforce e.g. supervision (Canterbury Christ Church) or working with people with disabilities (University of Kent).

It also tells you who is working in specific areas of care (autism, CBT, health and wellbeing) and highlights who may be willing to look at the development of assistant practitioner roles through foundation degrees and who is particularly interested in research. 

3. HEI health and social care research interests

This shows the research interests of the HEI's within this region, as specified on their websites.  It demonstrates who you could approach to develop joint initiatives, or link research to practice and who might be able to help with the development of specific projects.


Details of the Social Work and wider Social Care courses available in the adjacent Universities in London, Bedford and Bournemouth have recently been added. We have yet to complete the details on the academic research of these institutions.



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