We offer the opportunity for senior managers in Children’s Services e.g. Directors, Assistant Directors (2nd tier) and Heads of Service (3rd tier) to have 6 sessions of coaching with an experienced coach. (Please ask if you wish to support a manager whose role does not fit neatly into this definition). This is particularly helpful to:

  • newly appointed managers to help them understand their new roles and formulate priorities and strategies for achieving outcomes
  • experienced managers who are looking for a new challenge and wish to extend their responsibilities
  • managers who have taken on a new challenge in their roles and would like reflective time on how best to tackle these

Target Audience:

  • Directors, Assistant Directors and Heads of Service

(contact Anna Wright if you wish to support a manager whose role does not fit neatly into this definition)


  •  6 sessions over approximately 6 months


  •  At a venue convenient to you


  • The cost is approx £1,800 per participant for 6 coaching sessions. Please contact Anna Wright (details below)


  • The coaching is covered by the SESLIP coaching agreement which can be found opposite

Comments from those who have been coached via this process:

"I found the sessions very beneficial and would highly recommend them. I have subsequently put two of my managers on the coaching programme to improve their leadership skills."

"I was enabled to develop a different perspective on difficult issues which meant I could deal with them more effectively."



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SE DCS Peer Challenge: Anna Wright
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SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall
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