Children in Care NHS Partnership Project

Children in Care who are placed Out of Area (OOA) have inconsistent experience of accessing health, and specifically mental health, support in their placement. This impacts directly on the welfare of Children in Care. COVID-19 Lockdown further intensified these difficulties for some children.

The  South East Children in Care Practice Development Project aims to support improved mental health through the development of a common regional framework for partnership working.

This time-limited project has the following intended outputs:

This page will be updated as the project develops.



Governance & Reports

The lead partnership sponsors for this work are:

Sub-regional sponsor Directors of Children's services

  • Lucy Butler, DCS West Sussex
  • Alison Jeffery, DCS East Sussex

Lead Member

  • Cllr Stuart Carroll, RBWM

 Social Care Assistant Director

  • Lin Ferguson, RBWM

    Contact Details

    NHS (SE) Clinical lead for CYP mental health: Gavin Lockhart
    07879 488307