Developing Regional Quality Assurance Capacity Project

This project was initiated in response to one of the key common themes arising from the 2018-19 cycle of Triad Peer Challenges.

We seek to improve the effectiveness of existing quality assurance activities and ensure they help members, directors and management teams answer the “how do we know about the quality of our services” question.

The Developing Regional Quality Assurance Capacity Project  will support our joint working on improving quality assurance capacity and capability.

We have scoped the project and the next step is to meet with Quality Assurance leads to explore current practice.

This project is sponsored by Steve Crocker, DCS Hampshire.

Key Documents

The full project brief outlining the scope of the project and what it intends to deliver can be found here.

The Scoping Report discussed at the AD Safeguarding network on 6th September 2019 can be found here.

Previous meetings:

November 5th 2019 - Notes and Feedback form

Next Steps:

Could Local Authorities please ensure the Quality Assurance Leads contact list is updated with any recent changes? It can be found here:

A meeting with the Quality Assurance Leads will be held on 11 February 2019. There is a feedback form for sending in information before that meeting. 

Tools, Templates & Useful Links

Next Meeting

11th February 2020 

Contact Details

Data Benchmarking: Alastair Lee
01273 481468
Improving Audit Quality; SW Models: Diane Williamson
07970 328049