Provider Market Notification 2 (07 - 21 June 2021)

On this page you can find everything you need to help you to respond to the West Sussex, Kent and Portsmouth Residential and Intensive Support Service for Looked After Children Market Notification which runs from 07 to 21 June 2021.

We are keen to hear from you so please make sure you let us know your views.

We've provided a short introductory film and slideshow to introduce our project here.

The next step in this consultation process is for you to download our main market notification document here

This document lays out the background and the specific questions that we are interested in exploring with providers and is an essential component of the market notification.

In our previous phase of consultation with providers, we found out that some people preferred to send us a written response to our questions, whilst others felt more comfortable in 1-to-1 sessions, so we've given you both options here.

You can choose a 1-to-1 consultation slot by clicking on this Eventbrite link, with sessions offered between 15 and 21st June. Please ignore the text that implies 'tickets' are only available on 15th June. However, you will need to press the green Register button to access the full schedule. The sooner you book the more likely it is that we can meet your preferred timings.  Each session lasts a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes. Please also note that it is one booking per organisation although the custom Teams link may be shared by colleagues.

Or if you prefer, you can answer our questions via a SurveyMonkey survey, using this link. The survey is open from 7 until 21 June.

Whichever way you contact us, we are keen to hear from you!

    Indicative Timetable

    • Date of market notification 7th June 2021
    • Dates of 1 to 1s 15th- 21st June 2021
    • SurveyMonkey opens 7th June and closes midnight 21st June
    • Date of closing this stage 21st June 2021
    • Planned date of next stage July 2021
    • Planned procurement in Autumn/Winter 2021

    Contact Details

    Notification Questions about the process. Please note these will be published on this page at regular intervals.