SE19 SEND Operations Managers/ Team Leaders

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This page provides information for and about our SE19 SEND Operations Managers/ Team Leaders.

The group is made up of the  SEND Operations Managers/ Team Leaders for each local authority  

There is a rotating Chair drawn from group membership.

If you would like to contribute to the information on this noticeboard, have any queries or would like to contact this group please contact Tracey Maytas

Please use this page to share team structures and job descriptions or other documents you would like to place in the public domain for colleagues' use by forwarding to Tracey.


Information & Activities

SEND Operations Managers/ Team Leaders

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Notes from previous SEND Operations Managers/ Team Leaders' meetings

3rd February 2022

2nd December 2021




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    S.E. Region SEND Network Programme Co-ordinator: Sheelagh Sullivan
    SE19 SEND Network Co-ordinator: Ellen Atkinson